Sunday, May 07, 2006

Fanmail: 'i will cut ur neck' sent all of the Jawa Report co-bloggers this pleasant message:
why u insult the holy qouran ? why why
did u know any thing about the holy qouran ?
he is the speaking of allah ( the good )allah give u
ur head , hand , leg , face , eye ... etc and he can
take this things all of this things so why u insult
his speaking why why ? where ur mind go ?
ur without mnid . allah Venge of u .
i ask u somthing .

give me ur country & address and give somtimes
to ............ cut ur neck
yes i willl cut ur neck beazn allah i will do that
if ur brave give ur address and somtimes to
killing u cut ur hand whiche Sacrilege the holy qouran

in shaa allah i will cut ur neck
The Jawa Report Co-Blogger Vinnie posts his copy here.