Friday, September 08, 2006

Accused Cop-Killer Being Pursued in Western New York (Updated)

***Exclusive to The Dread Pundit Bluto***

According to my source, as of 10:15 AM, Ralph "Bucky" Phillips was being pursued at high speed by New York State Troopers as shots are exchanged.

Phillips is the subject of a massive manhunt following the wounding of two Troopers, and the murder of Trooper Joe Longobardo. Phillips has been hiding out in wooded areas in western New York State.

Update 11:09 AM: more from my source: "Phillips ditched the car. Troopers fired at least 9 times at him. He ran off screaming like a madman through the woods with troopers in pursuit. More as I get it."

Update 11:33 AM: WKTV (Utica) reports:

A reporter for a Buffalo radio station says heavily armed special police units and troopers have cordoned off an area in the rural town of Carroll, in the southeast corner of Chautuaqua County.
Update: 11:51 AM: "He is in the woods, the NYSP 'traffic' is that he is contained and they are confident that it is only a matter of time now. They don't want anyone else getting shot either so they will take their time."

Update 12:15 PM: The Associated Press reports:
Marge Bortz, the owner of Cable Hollow Golf Course in Warren County, Pa., said police told her they know Phillips is in the woods around the golf course and has fired shots. Bortz said she was told no one was hurt. The golf course was closed and there were 10 people locked in the clubhouse, including Bortz's family and three employees.
The Cable Hollow Golf Course is located in Russell, Pennsylvania, near the New York border:

Update 1:15 PM: A press briefing by New York State Police has confirmed most of the details posted here. Phillips reportedly crashed one stolen car, then took another one, running into the woods after crashing that. Phillips was identified by the troopers who encountered him. State police do not know if Phillips was wounded in the exchange of gunfire.

Update 9:30 PM: CAPTURED! Phillips gave himself up (see post above).