Friday, September 22, 2006

Citgo Boycott Gaining Strength

This has been brewing for some time, but Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez's oafish remarks at the UN, and buffoonery the next day in a Harlem church have, well, poured gasoline on the fire.

Citgo is owned by the Venezuelan government, and all of its profits end up in Hugo's pocket. In other words, when you buy gas at a Citgo station, you're helping one of America's most vocal enemies.

The picture above is from GOP and the city, which has a long list of blogs promoting the boycott (and a link to showing a Lefty email encouraging moonbats to BUY from Citgo).

That knee-jerk reaction from the Left exposes the true face of progressivism and simply reinforces their reputation for instinctively supporting America's enemies.

Via Stop the ACLU.