Friday, October 27, 2006

George Allen Campaign Details Opponent's 'Disturbing' Writings

Senator George Allen (R-VA) has issued a press release detailing that fiction written by his Democratic opponent James Webb contains graphic misogynistic and incestuous pedophiliac passages.

From the Drudge Report:
– Lost Soldiers: “A shirtless man walked toward them along a mud pathway. His muscles were young and hard, but his face was devastated with wrinkles. His eyes were so red that they appeared to be burned by fire. A naked boy ran happily toward him from a little plot of dirt. The man grabbed his young son in his arms, turned him upside down, and put the boy’s penis in his mouth.”

– Something to Die For: "Fogarty . . . watch[ed] a naked young stripper do the splits over a banana. She stood back up, her face smiling proudly and her round breasts glistening from a spotlight in the dim bar, and left the banana on the bar, cut in four equal sections by the muscles of her vagina."
Via Jay at Stop the ACLU, who points out that Right Wing News had the story first, posting similar passages on September 29th.