Monday, December 18, 2006

Iranian Christian Converts Reported Arrested

According to a translation of a RadioFarda report posted at Free Republic, 14 Iranians who converted to Christianity from Islam were arrested under sharia law, which condemns apostates to death:
According to confirmed reports from inside of Iran, 14 ex-muslims who converted to christianity were arrested a week ago in cities of Karaj, Tehran and Rasht.

Reports from US backed tell us that these new christians were trying to hold religious gathering to celebrate christmas and they are charged with converting from Islam to christianity and according the sharia law, the penalty for such act is death.

Their bibles, religious books & symbols, CDs and other personal stuff were seized by the authorities.

The families of these detainees staged a rally in front of the judicial ministry but their peaceful gathering was met with brutal actions of the ministry of intelligence agents.

The name of the christian detainees are:

In city of Rasht: Shaheen Taghizadeh, Yosef Noorkhani, Mathias Hagh-Nejad, Parviz Khalaj, Muhammad Belyad, Peyman Salarvand, Sohrab Sayadi, Mr. Davood and Mr. Amin.

City of Tehran: Mrs. Shirin Sadegh, Mr. Behrooz Sadegh, Mr. Hamid-Reza Tolou'ee

City of Karaj: Mr. Behnam Irani & Mr. Bahman Irani (brothers)

The families of these above mentioned detainees ask all people from all around the world to raise their concern with their governments and help secure the release of their loved ones from the jails of the Islamic regime of Iran.
This would be an excellent time for all civilized persons, including moderate Muslims, to express their outrage at this barbaric act of the Iranian government.

Via Stop the ACLU.