Wednesday, January 10, 2007

ACLU Sues Police Over Arrest of Illegal Aliens

So this Rhode Island state trooper pulls over a van for failing to signal a lane change and finds it packed with 14 people who don't speak any English and don't have any proof of US citizenship. Punchline: the ACLU sues the cops for "racial profiling."

From The Providence Journal:
PROVIDENCE — The Rhode Island Affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union yesterday filed a federal lawsuit against the state police, alleging racial profiling and violation of the constitutional rights of 14 Guatemalan nationals during a July traffic stop that led to their detention by immigration officials.
Besides the money, which the parasites in the ACLU love to suck from US citizens any chance they get, the ACLU is hoping to encourage local and state law enforcement officers to disregard Federal laws:
Brown said, “To their credit, many police departments across the country have rejected the opportunity to enforce those laws for a number of reasons. I think first they recognize they don’t have the expertise with these laws … also, that doing so undermines trust in the communities that they serve. People in immigrant communities are going to think twice before they contact police if they’ve been victims of a crime, if they think they’ll be the ones who end up on trial.”
This is as much as admitting that the lawsuit is intended to intimidate police who have the audacity to perform their duties concientiously.

Via Stop the ACLU.