Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Tall Fat Tale and Juicy, Juicy Steak

Many thanks to Sig94 of the blog Signal 94 for organizing lunch Monday with Cookie of The Cook Shack--Gab & Grub and LC Jackboot, Imperial Correspondent for the The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler. Special kudos are in order for LC Jackboot - the guy drove from Connecticutt to Upstate New York for lunch, then drove back! That's dedication, folks.

Cookie, Sig94, and I have done this blogger lunch thing a couple of times before; today was a first for LC Jackboot. Poor Sig94, at the last minute he discovered that the restaraunt he'd chosen was closed for a funeral and had to scramble to find another while LC Jackboot was still on the road, driving into the teeth of a Central New York lake effect snowstorm.

We'd barely been seated before Cookie discovered that LC Jackboot was a fellow "bubblehead." That's submariner to and me. And therein lies a tale that Sig94, LC Jackboot, and yours truly are demanding that Cookie post on his blog. It involves the succulent cuisine available to the Silent Service, a diving submarine, and poor Cookie stuck in the conning tower beneath a portly sailor wedged in the hatch. Cookie almost died that day, so it's only fair that he get to tell the whole story.

Speaking of succulent cuisine, a dental issue kept Cookie from enjoying what the rest of us did at lunch today - steak. I'd like to be able to tell Cookie that it was tough and chewy, but, damn, they cooked it perfectly and you could have cut it with a butter knife. Sorry, Cookie, hope your porridge was good, too.

Oh yeah, the four of us were able to find solutions for all of the world's problems during the course of the lunch and will be posting them later.