Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tagged, Bluto Confidential

Having been "tagged" by Cookie at The Cookshack Gab & Grub to reveal six unknown and unusual things about myself, I've decided to spread the misery joy to some of my Jawa Report co-bloggers, listed at the end.

1) According to family lore, which I've never researched, I'm a descendant of the radical Abolitionist (and arguably, certifiable lunatic terrorist) John Brown, who was hanged in 1859 for treason against the state of Virginia, though John was never a citizen of Virginia.

2) My grandfather was born a Quaker in or near Hickory Hill, Pennsylvania. He ran away at sixteen and joined the British Merchant Marine, eventually becoming a ship's carpenter. He never returned to Hickory Hill, and his father cursed him from his deathbed for marrying outside the Society of Friends. I am thankful for gramps' rebellious spirit; I don't think I'd have done well as a backwoods Quaker.

3) My favorite tool, to which I have an indisputable emotional attachement, is thirteen inches long*.

4) I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and have fought in many full-contact tournaments. There's just something about being allowed to punch and kick people without getting arrested...

5) I earned a New York State Regents scholarship in 1974, and used it to augment my alcohol intake during my "studies".

6) I have done two one-thousand-mile days on my Kawasaki Concours, both during a wild ride spanning most of Canada, while returing from a rally in Banff, Alberta.

*a Rocket-brand clawhammer, given to me by my Dad more than thirty years ago. Aren't you ashamed that you have such a filthy mind?

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