Thursday, February 22, 2007

Website Supports Accused Haditha Marine

Mark S. Zaid, attorney for Marine Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich, emails to draw attention to a new website aimed at countering the slander and lies of people like the Honorable John Murtha (D-AQ), who seems determined to deny Wuterich and his fellow Marines a fair trial.

Zaid writes:
This is not a typical military case. It has become highly politicized and, in our opinion, these young Marines are being sacrificed for foreign policy reasons. Indeed, one of the first things Neal [Neal A. Puckett, co-counsel] and I did after I reviewed the facts of the case known at that time was to initiate, on August 2, 2006, a defamation lawsuit (which has no partisan agenda whatsoever) against Congressman John Murtha for incredibly inappropriate public statements he made that have already been proven by the government's alleged charges to be false. These statements created a further climate that contributed to the public pressures to file charges against our client.
Wuterich's site contains links to pretty much everything written about the Haditha case. With powerful enemies like unindicted Abscam co-conspirator John Murtha trying to railroad him, Frank can use all the help and support he can get.