Friday, May 25, 2007

Taliban Child Beheads 'Spy'

One of my colleagues at The Jawa Report has obtained frame captures, censored by Western news agencies, of a twelve year old boy sawing off the head of an accused "spy," under the tutelage of Taliban members. Jawa correspondent Howie reports that he was sickened and enraged as he transcribed the images.

These are some of the most twisted and perverse images on the internet, but you should go and view them. The West needs to really know what these savages are doing in the name of Allah.

Below is one of the images. It looks innocuous, unless you realize that the child is slowly sawing through the skin, gristle, bone, and spinal cord of a living human being - while a Taliban adult looks on and offers advice.

Here, the kid holds the severed head aloft in triumph, as an American twelve year old might hold up a prize trout, caught with the help of a favorite uncle. But this child is ruined.

As one of the commenters at Jawa pointed out, if this murderous child were killed in an air raid tomorrow, the Western press would report his death as that of an "innocent victim." He is not. He has surrendered his innocence to the perverted monsters of the Taliban.