Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dreamhost, A Terrorist Webmaster’s Hosting Dream


As we noted last week, an al-Qaeda affiliated website named Voice of Jihad has been resurrected. The site was moved to Dreamhost after its previous host ran into some...errr...difficulties.

The site moved to a new provider named Dreamhost which is a US-based company. It is unlawful for a US company to knowingly provide services to a designated terrorist organization. We don't know who or where the site owner is to go after him but we do know who his service provider is.

So, when I realized it was a US company, I was hopeful that we could get the site removed. Often when US companies become aware they are hosting a terror website, they are more than cooperative and take it down soon after they are notified by email or phone. So we ran a post asking that you email Dreamhost's abuse department. Many of you did, but the response by Dreamhost was very weak. While Dreamhost acknowledged our emails nothing has been done and al-Qaeda's website remains active.

This confused me at first, surely the owner of Dreamhost, Josh Jones, is not one of those lefty America hating terrorist supporting bastards? Then I went to Mr. Jones' blog, (see below) and yes, he is an America hating terrorist supporting leftist bastard.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B (posted the day after we informed dreamhost of the site, coincidence?)

My first email resulted in this response.
We empathize with your concerns regarding this site, but are unable to comment on any pending Abuse investigations. If you believe that a customer is engaging in unlawful activity, we encourage you to contact the Federal Bureau of Investigations regarding this matter. You can do this via the web using the Internet Crime Complaint Center, here:

As per our usual policy, we will cooperate in full with law enforcement to ensure that our services are not being used for illegal activity. I'm sorry I could not be of more assistance.
Another response from Dreamhost regarding a complaint from a Jawa reader directed at Deamhost's owner Josh Jones was intercepted by his secretary.
Josh, doesn't touch abuse, but thank you for writing and your kind words about the newsletter.

The email continues with the same canned response above. Still no action.

So apparently Josh is hoping to claim plausible deniability, he will say he doesn't know that his company is hosting terrorist websites as he goes around spending dirty terrorist money.

But wait! He cannot claim he is unaware of this problem because he has a blog and I notified him via his blog. And you know a little vain liberal pipsqueak like Josh reads his own blog!

So Dreamhost and its owner Mr. Josh Jones have been notified they are breaking the law by hosting this site. We have tried to be civil and polite but now they have no excuse for leaving the site up and you can report them to OFAC and the FBI here.

Josh, You'd better hang on to Awesome DreamHost Lawyer Guy, cause you might have a really bad need for him very soon.