Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bluto Doesn't Do Racial Preferences

One of our more active and doctrinaire trolls, who calls himself "El Campeador," or "The Valiant One," has stooped to injecting race into his anti-American rants:
...I'm blacker than most Iraqis, you thick cvnt. I can grow an afro. I have big thick nigger lips. But somehow, you've turned me into a lily white 'leftard' (whatever that is) who doesn't like 'brown people'...El Campeador | 06.26.07 - 8:35 am | #
Not being a big fan of people stupid enough to continue playing Charlie Brown to the DNC's Lucy, I replied to EC thus:
EC: as an African-American busily picking cotton on the Democrat plantation your views are suspect, *as is your alleged and convenient friend "A."
The Dread Pundit Bluto | 06.27.07 - 3:00 pm | #
El Campeador accused me of burying my true feelings in a post with over 200 comments (Perspective 101 For Defeatists).

Wrong, EC, they're right here. If you expect to comment here and use your race as a crutch for a lack of reasoning ability, you've come to the wrong place.

I'm fed up with trying to explain things like "no snitching" and "reparations" and photoshopping conservative African Americans in minstrel blackface and social parasites like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to my kids, who didn't grow up watching civil rights marches and race riots on TV. You've got the big, fat, vulgar mouth, EC. You do it for me.

* El Campeador suddenly remembered an expatriate Iraqi friend he calls "A" as a useful tool to buttress his arguments.