Thursday, July 19, 2007

Naked Sisters of Sheboygan Convicted

(Sheboygan, Wisconsin) In March 2007, twin sisters Pam and Penny Crane were arrested for snapping naked pictures in front of Pam Crane's five-year-old son. They were charged with disorderly conduct. The pictures were taken for a boyfriend in Las Vegas.

Police were alerted by a Walgreens employee who developed the pictures. Reportedly, the hubba-hubba sisters (pic) were wearing thong underwear and pantyhose and exposing their breasts and buttocks to the child.
Prosecutors said the pictures were clearly sexual. But on the stand, Pam Crane claimed the nudity was an accident.

"My sister is popping a pimple on my back," Crane said, describing the photo.

She said in another photo, she meant to take a picture of the 5-year-old, and accidentally included her sister, who was getting dressed.

The judge didn't buy that argument, saying the pictures were "close" to pornography.
Yesterday, Sheboygan County Circuit Court Judge Terence T. Bourke ruled that the 30-year-old sisters were guilty of disorderly conduct and fined them $300 plus court costs.

This story just cracks me up. I almost titled it "Pam and Penny Popping Pimples."