Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Shithead Can Keep His Headstone

Via Tristatehomepage.com
It's not often that Uniontown, Kentucky is mentioned on morning drive radio programs across the United States, but the fate of a departed dog and it's final resting place have sparked national interest in a debate going on in the town of just over 1000.

Eight years ago, Judy Hagan buried her dog in a plot she purchased from the city, at the center of the Uniontown City Cemetery. The plot sits beneath a flag pole put up to honor veterans.

Hagan and the city didn't hear any complaints about the dog's final resting place until about two weeks ago, when Judy took some extra cash and invested it in a headstone for the dog. That's when things became very contentious in the small town.

The reason for the controversy: the dog's name. It's first name was a vulgar term for bodily waste. It's last name was Head. That name is inscribed on the headstone.
Hat Tip: Jason.

Video here. Behold the inspiration for the dog's name.