Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Her Struggle

Excerpted from a post by Good Lt. at The Jawa Report:

Remember Maryscott O'Connor - that frothing-at-the-mouth nutroot psycho hosebeast that the Washington Post saw fit to do a pointless, slobbering profile on last year?


Well, after having a knock-down-drag-out falling out with Mr. "Screw them," and most recently, she's completely jumped the shark and let her inner neo-Nazi out for the all the world to see (I got a lot of screencaps in case she decides to start scrubbing). A sample:
I now find myself, for the first time in my life, hating Jews. I find myself hating the Jews on this site, both the Jews who have conducted their malicious campaign against me for so long and the Jews who have stood by in silent solidarity with them, never saying a word against their vile attacks, their cruelty and ugliness.

I find myself thinking that Proximity perhaps has the right idea, that Jews regard other human beings as objects, to be sacrificed to the interests of Jews. That Jews will always stand with other Jews no matter their guilt, and against non-Jews, no matter their innocence. The face of Jews has become unspeakably ugly in my sight, because of the ugliness of the Jewish haters here.
When you become so insane that even the Kossacks turn on you...

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