Friday, December 21, 2007

Al Qaeda Propaganda, Operations Networks Disrupted in Iraq

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces killed one terrorist and detained 19 suspected terrorists during operations Wednesday and today targeting al-Qaeda networks in central and northern Iraq.

During coordinated operations in Baghdad Wednesday and today, two wanted individuals were detained for their involvement in the al-Qaeda in Iraq media and propaganda network. The individuals are also reportedly associates of a suspected terrorist, who was detained by Coalition forces Dec. 9 for his role in the same network (see MNF-I press release A071209a, “Al-Qaeda networks disrupted; Coalition forces detain 10 suspects,” dated Dec. 9, 2007).

The ground force discovered caches of media and propaganda materials during both operations. In addition to the wanted individuals, the ground force detained four suspected terrorists Wednesday.

During an operation in Tarmiyah today, Coalition forces detained a wanted individual believed to be closely associated with an al-Qaeda in Iraq leader for the network operating north of Baghdad. The wanted individual is reportedly responsible for facilitating the flow of information to senior terrorists in the network, which is responsible for car-bombing and improvised explosive device attacks, as well as extortion, intimidation, weapons trafficking and the facilitation of foreign terrorists. In addition to the wanted individual, the ground force detained one suspected terrorist on site.