Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Some Bilal Hussein Charges Come Out

The New York Times finally gets around, in the fifth paragraph of this story, to reporting some of the charges lodged against alleged Iraqi "journalist" Bilal Hussein:
A spokesman for the military said that Mr. Hussein had been detained as “an imperative security threat” and that he has persistently been “treated fairly, humanely and in accordance with all applicable law.”

In a lengthy e-mail message, the spokesman said that Mr. Hussein had been named by “sources” as having “possessed foreknowledge of an improvised explosive device (I.E.D.) attack” on American and Iraqi forces, “that he was standing next to the I.E.D. triggerman at the time of the attempted attack, and that he conspired with the I.E.D. triggerman to synchronize his photograph with the explosion.”
This is likely to be one of the photos that won Hussein a Pulitzer. The Associated Press, who employed Hussein, the Gray Whore, and the rest of the MSM just cannot seem to fathom what is wrong with employing locals without any serious vetting.

This, despite Adnan Hajj, Green Helmet, and the rest of the propagandists who have turned Western wire services into house organs for Islamist terrorists. Mainstream reporters just figure that, so long as their local "journalists" are allies in the War on Bush, they have to be all right.