Monday, January 14, 2008

Father of Murdered USS Cole Sailor Writes to Yemeni President

cole_swenchonis.jpgGary G. Swenchonis, Sr., whose son was killed in the terrorist attack on the USS Cole, has a few questions for the ruler of Yemen, the country that believes loose house arrest is the way to deal with bloodthirsty Islamist terrorists:
President Saleh,

It has been over seven years now since our son and his mates were brutally murdered in your country on October 12, 2000 when terrorists attacked the USS Cole and murdered 17 innocent young sailors and injured 39 more. Let me begin by thanking all the Yemenis who called us at our home and sent letters of condolence. The kindness, compassion, warmth and sympathy expressed in those calls and letters comforted us and gave us a strength that we carry with us today. Unfortunately we never received a letter of condolence from you or your government sir...
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