Thursday, February 07, 2008

WaPo Columnist Has Hissy Fit Over Waterboarding

Washington Post attack chihuahua Dan Froomkin uses the provocative title We Tortured and We'd Do It Again for his latest hysterical rant in support of kidglove treatment for headlopping babyhunters. Yes, a practice so hideous that hippies voluntarily undergo it as street theater during protests is "torture."

Froomkin is upset that waterboarding might be used at need to save more lives in the future.

But Froomkin has flown into such a violent little snit that he can't decide whether the belief that waterboarding is "torture" is only "widely held," or if waterboarding is actually, "universally condemned". Details are unimportant to a committed leftist in the throes of Bush Derangement Syndrome.

In fact, Froomkin admits deeper down in his diatribe that the Justice Department has determined the use of waterboarding is legal, thus, by definition, not torture, but he seems to have a basic breakdown in the two or three brain cells he uses to form logical arguments:
Knox writes that Fratto "rejected charges that the tactics the Central Intelligence Agency calls 'enhanced interrogation techniques' amount to torture.

"'Torture is illegal. Every enhanced technique that has been used by the Central Intelligence Agency through this program was brought to the Department of Justice and they made a determination that its use under specific circumstances and with safeguards was lawful,' he said."

And here's the kicker: "Asked whether the White House's reasoning was that torture is illegal, the attorney general has certified that the interrogation practices are legal, therefore those practices are not torture, Fratto replied: 'Sure.'"
It's called a "syllogism," you prissy, yapping lapdog. You should have learned it in junior high.

The only problem here is that waterboarding has only been used on three terrorists. The number should be at least three hundred.