Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Attack of the Muffin-Tops

A pack of teenagers, ages 14-18 lured a 16 year old girl to a residence and beat her severely in order to make a YouTube video. From NBC5, Chicago:
The beating took place on March 30 when the girl was lured to a Lakeland, Fla., home. According to authorities that's where two of the attackers began yelling at the victim, and another girl began beating her and slamming her head into a wall. The victim lost consciousness, but when she awoke, a total of six teenage girls began beating her and videotaping the attack -- all while laughing and encouraging each other, the sheriff's office said. Meanwhile, two teen boys kept watch outside.
The victim has suffered losses to her vision and hearing.

Hat tip to Susan at Stop the ACLU, who has video.

The Sheriff interviewed in the tape at STACLU says that after their arrest, the girls were laughing about their merry prank and wondering if they could make cheerleader practice the next day.