Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Siren Call of Censorship for Peace

Indian website Techtree reports that the predominantly Muslim country of Indonesia has banned YouTube, Google Video, MySpace, et. al. for allowing posting of the anti-Islamist video Fitna.

But Techtree's reporting carries a large dose of blame-shifting:
Before you upload an anti-Allah/Quran article, video, or cartoon, do think about whether the people affected by it will be able to view it. Or perhaps how much loss you're about to cause the Web site and people who use it, that hosts the blasphemous content in Muslim countries.
Got that? If you post something critical of Islam or Islamist terrorists it's your fault if some benighted, totalitarian third world hellhole bans it.

Techtree closes with an admonition (and what looks like a veiled threat) to the video service providers to ban Fitna:
We'd say: YouTube, MySpace, you'd better wipe that pinching video off your sites; you're missing out on traffic from the fourth largest populous country, one that houses the maximum Muslims in the world (so say figures derived from the Indonesian Central Statistics Bureau in 2006). And their number is growing.
Thanks to best-selling novelist Brad Thor, who posted a link to the article in his Reader Forum.