Monday, April 14, 2008

Suspected Terrorist Bilal Hussein to be Released

Following dismissal of charges under a general amnesty law by an Iraqi court, Multi-National Force Iraq has determined that Associated Press employee Bilal Hussein " longer presents an imperative threat to security," and will be released on April 16.

From the MNFI press release:
According to MNF-I officials, Hussein was alleged to have possessed bomb-making materials, conspired with insurgents to photograph explosions directed at Iraqi Security and Coalition forces, and offered to forge an identification card for a wanted terrorist who was being pursued by Coalition forces. The allegations and evidence provided by MNF-I supported the main charge against Hussein, that of terrorism under Iraq’s Anti-Terrorism Law. Under this law, as under the terrorism laws of many countries, journalistic motives are not a legal defense.
In his work for the Associated Press, Hussein displayed an absolutely uncanny, nearly supernatural ability to be at various locations precisely when terrorists were trying to ambush Coalition forces. Almost as if he had advance notice of when and where the attacks were to occur. Well, actually, exactly as if he had advance notice of the attacks.