Saturday, August 15, 2009

This Old Man, He Shot Four...

...don't play knick-knack at his door.

Confronted by four gun-wielding robbers, 72-year-old Charles Augusto, Jr., a Harlem business owner, pulled out his 12-gauge pump and blew two of them to kingdom come. Unfortunately, the other two thugs were only wounded.

The 72-year-old wholesaler of commercial restaurant equipment had been up all night, questioned by police about how he'd drawn a shotgun and killed two of four armed robbery suspects who entered his Kaplan Brothers Blue Flame store Thursday afternoon.

Two of the young men died on the street. Two remained hospitalized in stable condition with gunshot wounds.
While police confiscated the shotgun, they haven't charged Augusto with failing to have a permit for the weapon. At least until some assistant district attorney decides the publicity would benefit his career and insists on charges.

Augusto, who deserves one of those medals that the Obamessiah is handing out to America-hating leftists, better keep his powder dry. His neighborhood seems to have a lot of sympathy for the devil:
"He [one of the criminals] died in the hands of God," said a neighborhood resident, Vincent Gayle, pointing to the blood-spattered pavement by the church. "But what goes around comes around."
Augusto is white. The race of the robbers was not disclosed. If they're black, get ready for some Sharptonization of the incident.