Sunday, March 20, 2005

Send The Italians Home

The Italian presence in Iraq as part of the Coalition has become a liability, far outweighing any symbolic benefits their troops represent. It's time they returned to the land of Mussolini.

Unless the insurgents mount a regiment of Ethiopians wielding spears, the Italians' military usefulness is negligible, at best. Unfortunately, their mere presence in Iraq encourages vermin like the communist propagandist Giuliana Sgrena and the twin imbeciles the two Simonas to travel to Iraq and endanger loyal Coalition troops. It's time for all Italians, military and civilian, to be shown the door.

President Bush was wrong to kiss Silvio Berlusconi's ass when Italian Keystone Kop Nicola Calipari managed to get himself killed "rescuing" arch-idiot and possible conspirator Sgrena from her supposed captors. The multi-million dollar ransom likely paid for Sgrena's "release" (not to mention the millions for Tweedledee and Tweedledum - the Simonas) will guarantee continued financing for the terrorist insurgency and result in more American and Iraqi deaths. With "friends" like these, who needs terrorists?

This shouldn't surprise anyone. The only time in modern history that Italians have mounted anything resembling a national will was under Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. Even then, their military was effective only against the aforementioned Ethiopians and their spears. When opposed by Allied troops the Italians ran shrieking from the battlefield. They have demonstrated no more competence or courage in Iraq.

Expelling the Italians will cut off an important source of revenue to our enemies and remove an unnecessary danger and hindrance to our troops. It will also choke off a major source of propaganda and disinformation for the worldwide terrorist movement, represented in Italy by the communists.