Friday, August 26, 2005

Hamas Threatens "Internal Intifada"

From The Daily Star (Lebanon) via Agence France Presse:
JABALIYYA REFUGEE CAMP, Gaza Strip: With the departure of their common Israeli enemy, inter-Palestinian divisions could flare up into fresh bloodshed, militants in the impoverished Gaza Strip warned. "If the Palestinian Authority cannot meet the people's basic needs, there will be a new intifada not against Israel but among ourselves," said Fathi Hamad, a local Hamas leader in the Jabaliyya refugee camp.

"There will be a huge popular uprising," he predicted. "Hamas is preparing for mass demonstrations." As a Hamas leader in Gaza's largest and most poverty-ridden camp, one of the areas that has suffered most during the five years of Israeli-Palestinian fighting, Hamad said the PA only speaks for some of the people.
These are the fruits of a diseased, fascist culture. A culture that depends upon and glorifies violence. A culture that celebrates and idolizes brutal, twisted murderers and elevates terrorists to positions of authority. A morally bankrupt culture.

With their Jewish scapegoats gone, it appears that the Palestinians are preparing to fall upon each other like frenzied weasels.