Friday, August 26, 2005

Some Updated News From Camp Bucca

On March 22 I posted about a little Iraqi girl who had been severely burned in a fire at her house. Not an act of war; accidents still happen in Iraq. The little girl was refueling a generator and spilled some of the fuel on herself. It ignited, burning her over sixty percent of her body.

My contact at Bucca knew little about her, except that she and her mother had been allowed inside the camp, and that a special tent had been erected for her mother to stay in while doctors at Bucca treated the girl. My friend at Bucca told me because he assumed, correctly to my knowledge, that American news outlets would not carry the story.

I'm happy to report further news. Medical staffers at Camp Bucca greased the skids for the little girl, and she is now recovering at the Shriner's Hospital in Boston with her mother.