Sunday, October 16, 2005

24 Terrorists Captured, 12 Killed

The American Forces Press Service reports that Coalition forces captured 24 terrorists and killed 12 others in raids near Ramadi. From the news release:
WASHINGTON, Oct. 15, 2005 - Acting on intelligence sources and tips from concerned citizens, coalition forces detained 24 terrorists and killed at least 12 others in a series of raids near Ramadi on Oct. 14, officials said.

In the first raid, coalition forces attacked a suspected terrorist safe house. They found a weapons cache with mortar rounds, small arms and ammunition.

Coalition forces then raided two additional suspected terrorist safe houses. There they found 10 mortar rounds buried in the road, all designed to protect the safe house entrance, officials said. Coalition forces bypassed these improvised explosive devices and moved to two nearby houses where numerous armed terrorists were seen entering.

As coalition forces closed in on the terrorists, they took fire. They called in close air support and returned fire. When they entered the safe houses they found six dead terrorists and a weapons cache with small arms and ammunition, officials said.

That weapons cache and the previously discovered weapons cache were destroyed. Moreover, while these raids were occurring, coalition forces simultaneously raided four other suspected terrorist safe houses.

Terrorists in the first of these suspected four safe houses engaged coalition forces before fleeing into a nearby tree line. They returned fire and killed one terrorist. They then used close air support to kill at least five more fleeing terrorists, officials said.

Coalition forces then raided the three other suspected terrorist safe houses, where they detained 22 suspects without incident. Coalition forces also stopped a suspicious looking vehicle with four males who had been seen roaming in the area. Two of these individuals were detained, officials said.

By Petty Officer 3rd Class John R. Guardiano, USN
I'm publishing this story on the off-chance that our loyal, unbiased, non-partisan mainstream media completely ignore it.