Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Time Magazine Interviewee Openly Supports Terrorism

Last week I commented on a Time magazine article (Generation Jihad) by Bill Powell, who selected a 37-year-old civil engineer named Sajid Sharif (who also uses the name Abu Uzair) as Gen J's spokesman [emphasis added]:
While he does not openly support terrorism, he declares that the July 7 attacks were retaliation for Britain's support of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. "The majority of Muslims in the U.K. are frustrated, but they cannot speak," he says. "They will not condone the London bombings, but inside they believe that Britain had it coming."
He "does not openly support terrorism"? Then how would reporter Powell explain the following Sharif snippet from the Telegraph (UK) published in 2003?
Sajid Sharif said the September 11 atrocities were "a good deed in the eyes of Islam" and Muslims who served with the British Army in Iraq were "legitimate targets for the mujahideen".
Exactly what would Sharif have to do for Time's reporter to consider him to "openly support terrorism"? Reporter Powell should be admonished by his editors for not bothering to research his interviewee. His editors should be admonished by the American people for allowing this propaganda to be printed as "news".

More on Sajid Sharif, alias Abu Uzair, later.

Thanks to reader Vito, who supplied a link to the Telegraph article.