Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Another Katrina Evacuation Horror Story

We all remember the photos of the flooded schoolbuses that New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin failed to use to evacuate Hurricane Katrina victims from the Superbowl. Dr. Rusty Shackelford of The Jawa Report emailed me this morning with news of at least 60 other buses, which were high and dry and about five miles away from the Superbowl.

Rusty was building on a story posted at Wizbang including photos of the unused buses. Wizbang makes this point [emphasis added]:
They could have moved 4500 people every 3 hours. (time to load and unload) Or in other words, they could have had the Dome empty by sundown the day after the storm.
The Jawa Report notes that the buses were used to evacuate people from the west bank - then parked while conditions deteriorated in the Superdome.

Will this story make its way into the mainstream media in a big way? Doubtful. There's probably no way for the MSM to blame this one on FEMA.