Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What NBC News Won't Tell You

NBC, the network of Brian (the Founding Fathers were terrorists) Williams didn't report the whole story when they accused the White House of staging a conversation between President Bush and soldiers in Iraq. For a different perspective, check out the blog, They Call Us, "Doc" from of one of the soldiers who participated, which includes this post directly addressing the NBC story:
...we were told that we would be speaking with the President of the United States, our Commander-in-Chief, President Bush, so I believe that it would have been totally irresponsible for us NOT to prepare some ideas, facts or comments that we wanted to share with the President.
We were given an idea as to what topics he may discuss with us, but it's the President of the United States; He will choose which way his conversation with us may go.
We practiced passing the microphone around to one another, so we wouldn't choke someone on live TV.
The Doc's blog is currently fronting a photo of NBC correspondent Michelle Kosinski in her canoe during the flood coverage faked by NBC. Ironic.

Via a Michelle Malkin column in