Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Rating Ranting Ragers of the Left

Everyone likes a good freak show, and nothing quite compares to the abject, foaming-at-the-mouth, hatred of President Bush (and everyone else to the left of Michael Moore) by your average loon of the Lefty fringe. Hell, these folks hate the red states more than Osama does. You can find them by searching Technorati for "shrub".

I'm using the five squirrel ranking system. Five squirrels would be a full on Kos rant, while one squirrel means that the attitude is there, but the rage hasn't been cranked up to full volume.

Here's a ranter who either can't make up her mind, or is simply confused about how socio-economic classes are ranked:
Bend Over Again Middle Class Poor Folk!!

Don't you shrub supporters think it's a little strange to take away from the poor and people trying to recover from a devastating event by taking away the very social programs which help them?...
One extra squirrel for getting so far into the rant that she messed up her HTML (see link). Two squirrels.

There are evil Republican conspiracies everywhere!:
He won’t be able to prove Cheney’s complicity in the conspiracy, because the front men and women will refuse to rat on Cheney. But there doesn’t seem to be much question that the outing of a CIA NOC was orchestrated by the Veep, in part to cover his own behind for his pre-war lies, and in part because he despised the CIA for not being sufficiently pliable and war-like (read, “interested in Halliburton’s profit margin”).
This is rather run-of-the-mill Bushitlerburton ranting, and would normally rate only one, at most, two, squirrels. But then the writer added this gem:
I’m going to hazard a guess — that Judy Miller was involved in the conspiracy to cover-up the crime of outing Plame.
I suppose that means my speculation isn’t too far out in front of the CW. My claim is that Judy was involved in a much bigger conspiracy, to convince the American public to send their children to war on what the conspirators knew were false pretenses.
Bringing the rating up to four squirrels (bonus squirrel added for mentioning Halliburton).

This one is a junior capitalist exploiting, while sharing, the rage of the Left:
So I set up my anti-Bush message in a good corner location and attract a crowd. If my experience is based on reality, there are many many people who hate Bush’s guts. I am selling to people who want the art for themselves and as gifts for relatives who hate Bush.
I give him three squirrels for inspired artistic hypocrisy.

The "Shrub" reference here is a gratuitous non-sequitur seemingly uttered as a form of political Tourette's Syndrome:
1) Shrub - Whenever I see Bush jr. speak on tv, I weep for America.
Unremarkable other than as an amusing example of Bush-hating as an uncontrollable impulse, much like a wet beer fart. I'm feeling generous; one squirrel.