Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Marines Make a Few More "Good" Terrorists

The Devil Dogs have been busy. From a CENTCOM press release:
CAMP BLUE DIAMOND, AR RAMADI, Iraq – Marines destroyed a terrorist cave complex used as a weapons cache and bomb-making factory early Oct. 17 near Haqlaniyah.

Marines assigned to Regimental Combat Team - 2 observed three men place a roadside bomb and then return to a cave complex nearby.

The terrorists were killed by small arms fire from the Marines. An investigation of the first chamber of the cave complex revealed a small cache, bomb-making tools and equipment, black uniforms and ski masks.

Coalition aircraft destroyed the complex using precision-guided munitions.

During Operation River Gate, Marines, Soldiers and Sailors and their counterparts in the Iraqi Army have discovered numerous caves in the Haditha, Haqlaniyah and Barwana areas.
In the Al Qa’im region Oct. 16, an estimated 12 insurgents were killed in a failed attack against Marines at Camp Gannon located in the town of Husaybah, 3.6 kilometers from the Iraqi-Syrian border.

Marines responded to the attack with machine-gun fire, mortars and more than 30 rounds from 40mm grenade launchers. There were no Marine casualties reported.
Marines killed three insurgents in the nearby town of Karabilah yesterday. The trio engaged the Marines with rocket-propelled grenades and small arms fire. Attack helicopters from the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing returned fire with missiles, rockets and heavy machineguns. No Marines were injured in the attack.
I'm reprinting these stories on the off chance that our loyal, unbiased, non-partisan mainstream media completely ignore them.