Thursday, December 29, 2005

Three Brits Kidnapped in Gaza

Since Israel relinquished control of the Gaza Strip in September, it seems that abductions of foreigners are occurring on a weekly basis. Earlier today, armed kidnappers abducted a British human rights activist and her parents in Gaza near the Egyptian border.

The 25-year-old worker at pro-Palestinian rights group Al Mezan, identified by British media reports as Kate Burton, was showing her visiting parents around the town of Rafah when they were bundled into a car and driven away, residents said.

There was no public claim of responsibility, but police sources said officials were in talks with the kidnappers in the hope of securing the hostages' release by early Thursday.
The British consulate confirmed that the kidnappings occurred, likely by a group known as the Black Panthers, an armed offshoot of the Fatah movement.

Isn't it just typical of these thug kidnappers to abduct a human rights activist who supports their cause? I think it's an indication that the kidnappers are not too smart. If they want to maximize media attention and public outrage, they've got to quit kidnapping members of the home team.

Similarly, last week armed men mistakenly kidnapped two teachers, a Dutchman and an Aussie, thinking they were Americans. The two were held briefly and released with an "Oops!"

If recent history is an indicator and assuming the kidnappers realize that Kate Burton and her parents actually support the Palestinian cause, they won't be held hostage for very long.

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