Monday, March 20, 2006

Where Do Democrats Stand?

From The American Spectator:
Sen. Harry Reid told reporters last week that it might be true that American voters don't know where Democrats stand, but that they will know by November.

That may be a little too late for undecided voters, which is why both House and Senate Democrats on the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee keep insisting that they have a positive message.
Unfortunately for the Democrats, in their efforts to differentiate themselves from the Republicans they have come to stand for isolationism, obstructionism, and, ultimately, surrender in the Global War on Terror.

General Washington squeaked by with enough folks of courage to outweigh the "sunshine patriots". The question facing American today is whether the supply of the strong is still ample to overcome the bleatings of the weak.

Related: AJ Strata notes that Democratic Congressmen are looking likely to be ensnared in the criminal probe into who leaked classified information about the NSA surveillance program to the Press.