Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Presumption of Guilt

Glenn Greenwald has joined the slavering ranks of Feingold's Censure Army. Writing today in Unclaimed Territory, and cross-posted at the disgraced Huffington Post, Greenwald, whose masthead claims he is a lawyer, argues for censuring President Bush over NSA surveillance - without the bother of an investigation:
Therefore, while an investigation into Issue 2 is imperative, all of the facts relevant to the question of whether the President broke the law (the only issue raised by the Feingold Resolution) are already known, and for that reason it is illogical to claim that an investigation is needed before that question can be answered.
For Greenwald, an investigation is an afterthought; just an opportunity to root around to see if more nefarious "crimes" have been committed. Is it any wonder that so many on the Left refuse to acknowledge that Iraq is better off without Saddam? They share both Saddam's blind hatred of the President and Saddam's values: punish first, ask questions later, if ever.

For someone who says he spent ten years as a litigator to advocate trial by acclamation is a testament to just how far unhinged, and how irresponsible, the American Left has become.

Also posted at Stop the ACLU.