Saturday, September 09, 2006

ACLU Thwarted in Attack on Boy Scouts

In a victory for common sense and common decency, the Oregon Supreme Court has overturned a lower court decision that would have barred Boy Scouts from public schools. From the Boy Scouts of America legal issues website:
Boy Scouts of America welcomes today’s decision from the Oregon Supreme Court declaring that the Portland Public School District did not discriminate against an atheist student by permitting Boy Scouts to make presentations and distribute informational flyers.

An atheist mother represented by the ACLU complained that allowing Boy Scouts to recruit in public schools on the same basis as other groups discriminated against her atheist son who attends Portland public schools. In today’s decision reversing a lower court decision, the Oregon Supreme Court emphatically concluded that “nothing that occurred in any public school program, service, or activity was discriminatory at all.”

“Giving Boy Scouts equal access is not discrimination,” said Scouting spokesperson Robert H. Bork, Jr., “it is the law.”
Via Jay at Stop the ACLU who has more on the story.