Saturday, September 09, 2006

The French UN 'Force': Collaborating or Surrendering?

Likely the French themselves don't even know whether they're deliberately helping Hizballah re-arm or simply turning a blind eye to avoid unpleasantness.

From The Jerusalem Post:
France announced on Friday that the international naval force designated to patrol Lebanon's territorial waters would not be authorized to employ force to stop ships from entering or leaving Lebanon.

A spokesman for the French defense ministry said that the international craft would only provide assistance for Lebanese ships, and would not interfere with other nations' boats, Israel Radio reported.
Yeah, that'll work. One can imagine the conversation when a Syrian ship, packed with Iranian missiles, enters southern Lebanese waters:

FRENCH CAPTAIN: Ahoy! Please to heave-to zo zat we may inzpect your cargo!
SYRIAN CAPTAIN: We are carrying aspirin and diapers.
FRENCH CAPTAIN: But what are zose large, oblong containers on your deck?
SYRIAN CAPTAIN: Diaper boxes, you meddling dog. Here is a Hershey bar. Go and tell your mother that I am ready for her attentions.
FRENCH CAPTAIN: Very good, m'sieur. Carry on.

Via Captain's Quarters.