Saturday, September 23, 2006

How Many Intrepid Embedded Reporters Are Swarming Iraq?

According to Pajamas Media, nine. And four of them work for the US armed forces:
Here’s the chart (CLICK HERE TO VIEW) showing who the nine embedded reporters were covering all of Iraq on 9/19/2006. You’ll see that of those 9 reporters, 3 were from the Armed Forces’ Stars & Stripes, 1 from AFN (Armed Force Network), 1 from the Charlotte Observer, 1 from the BBC, 1 from the AP, 1 from RAI, and 1 from Polish Radio. All the rest of the “coverage” of the Iraq war on that day came from reporters hunkered down in the hotels and other locations under the rubric “Baghdad News Bureaus.”

So the next time you hear the phrase “reported first hand,” you might well ask, “Whose hand and where was it?”
Most likely the hand was wrapped firmly around a beverage in the hotel bar.