Sunday, September 24, 2006

Was Clinton's "Meltdown" as Counterfeit as the Man?

On review, I question whether or not Clinton's "rage" at Chris Wallace wasn't coldly calculated, and part of the Democratic midterm election playbook.

Fox News reports closer to the middle than any other major news organization. It is necessary for Democrats to try to cast Fox as far right wing in order to minimize their influence on the electorate. They also need to keep their radical left base happy.

Thus, a manufactured Clinton tantrum serves two purposes. He can try to portray Wallace as a biased journalist, while throwing red meat to the far left loons without explicitly acknowledging them.

Anyone who doubts that Clinton is capable of such a deception should remember his finger-wagging performance when he lied to America about his relationship with Monica Lewinski. Anyone who doubts his ability to simulate emotion on demand should remember the notorious videotape of Clinton, returning from a friend's funeral, when he went from laughter to abject grief in midstride, after spotting the camera.

Clinton's snit with Chris Wallace was probably as "spontaneous" as a linebacker blitzing a quarterback.

Clinton may, indeed, experience genuine emotions, but they are not for public display.

Update: Jay at Stop the ACLU has a good roundup of reaction to Cintons' performance.