Saturday, September 23, 2006

How Did Arizona "9/11 Memorial" Become Moonbat Hate-America Shrine?

First post, with photos of inscriptions.

Arizona has erected a supposed memorial to the victims of 9/11 that not only looks like an Islamic crescent from the air (reminiscent of the "crescent of embrace" proposed for the Flight 93 memorial), but features America-bashing inscriptions.

From the East Valley Tribune via Drudge:
One inscription states, “You don’t win battles of terrorism with more battles.” Another: “Congress questions why CIA and FBI didn’t prevent attacks.” And another reads, “Erroneous US air strike kills 46 Uruzgan civilians,” referring to a wedding reportedly hit by mistake in Afghanistan.

“It’s a worldview that is critical of America, and in many cases cheapens 9/11,” said Greg Patterson, a lobbyist and consultant who operates the EspressoPundit blog, where he and his readers have been critical of the memorial. “It is bent on attacking the Bush administration’s take on the war, at the expense of the memory of 9/11.”

Rep. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, said he was stunned to learn of the inscriptions. “To politicize it to me is absolutely outrageous, instead of a memorial to remember those who have sacrificed their lives,” he said.
Arizona resident Espresso Pundit first exposed the false memorial and is encouraging citizens to contact Arizona governor Janet Napolitano to express their concerns.