Wednesday, January 31, 2007

This Sergeant Has Finally Had Enough

US troops who've served and/or are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan usually don't tell you exactly how they feel unless you're family or a good friend.

Well, here's a staff sergeant, serving in Afghanistan, who leaves no doubt about his opinions. And he's told Black Five to go ahead and publish them; here's an excerpt:
I am tired of Democrats who tell me they support me, the soldier on the ground, and then tell me the best plan to win this war is with a “phased redeployment” (liberal-speak for retreat) out of the combat zone to someplace like Okinawa.

I am tired of the Democrats whining for months on T.V., in the New York Times, and in the House and Senate that we need more troops to win the war in Iraq, and then when my Commander in Chief plans to do just that, they say that is the wrong plan, it won’t work, and we need a “new direction.”
...I am tired of CNN claiming that they are showing “news,” with videotape sent to them by terrorists, of my comrades being shot at by snipers, but refusing to show what happens when we build a school, pave a road, hand out food and water to children, or open a water treatment plant.
Go to Black Five and read the whole thing. I especially liked the part where he refers to the Nebraska Cornholer as an "oxygen thief."

Thanks to larwyn.