Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ginger Gilbert Speaks On Media Coverage of Enemy Propaganda

Major Troy Gilbert's Widow Ginger Via The Arizona Republic:
"When media chooses to use Troy's plane crash as a political catalyst to generate anti-war sentiment, it only serves to degrade the moral integrity my husband possessed and the morale of those still selflessly serving," Gilbert said at news conference at Glendale's Falcon Dunes Golf Course, across from Luke.

"Every time the press lends credibility and significance to terrorist propaganda clearly designed to erode public support or questions the validity of our brave soldiers' selfless acts of service and the war itself," she added, "it only serves to damage our country from within its own borders and embolden those who would do us harm."
Troy Gilbert's plane crashed in Iraq in November 2006. His body was removed from the scene. It has been desecrated and used in various productions by al-Furqan, al-Qaeda in Iraq's media wing.

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