Thursday, February 07, 2008

Maureen Dowd Forces Times to Disappear Embarrassing Article

Not a retraction or a correction, mind you, but a complete toss down the memory hole.

From the UK's First Post:
Henery, a black American, claimed that Dowd had mistaken her for Barack Obama's wife, Michelle Obama. She says it happened in the press room after last week's Clinton-Obama TV debate in Los Angeles. Told about Henery's article, Dowd was furious - not just because the incident never occurred, she says, but because Henery then mused on the likelihood of white Americans electing a black president if "they" could not tell "us" apart.
It's easy to imagine how humiliating such a report would be to Dowd, with her lefty credentials.

All that remains of Henery's piece is this Google trail of lost links.