Monday, November 29, 2010

Millions of 'Closeted' Atheists in America?

Atheist activist David Silverman appeared on Fox News to insist to delectable newsbabe Megyn Kelly that there are "fifty million" atheists in the US, most of them "closeted." Silverman further claimed "millions" in the NYC area alone. That's why his organization put up this billboard:

Put aside the fact that Silverman, supposedly defending reason and logic, doesn't seem to realize that his sterile faith tradition recognizes no meaning or purpose in the universe, thus, his efforts are simply a symptom of his personal surrender of reason and logic to his own emotional turmoil.

What really beclowns Silverman is his insistence that the traditional greeting "Merry Christmas" is inappropriate and should be replaced with "Happy Holidays."

The word "holiday" comes from Old English "halig daeg," meaning "holy day." Now there's an atheistic greeting if I ever heard one.