Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Iraqi "Resistance" Has Been Hard At Work

Giuliana Sgrena's friends have been busy murdering men; beheading women and children. From
Iraqi forces found at least 35 bodies, 15 of them beheaded, in two separate incidents in Iraq late Tuesday.

Twenty bullet riddled corpses, including that of a woman, were found near al-Rumana village, some 20 km east of Qaim, Xinhua quoted local police as saying. The victims, all in civilian clothes, had apparently been killed several days ago.

In the second incident, Iraqi troops found 15 headless bodies in a building inside an abandoned army base in Latifiya, south of Baghdad. A Defense Ministry spokesman said they included 10 men, three women and two children.
The millions of dollars paid for Sgrena's release is already being put to use. She must be very proud.