Saturday, February 12, 2005

Update For US Troops Serving in Kuwait

My contact in Kuwait has told me that US troops serving in Kuwait do not have access to comprehensive news about their area of operation, and have been reading blogs for more information. The Dread Pundit Bluto has been reporting about recent events in Kuwait, but I will pay more attention to the area in the future. I ask any bloggers who are interested in helping and have information they think would be valuable to our servicepeople to email me at Below are summaries and links to my previous stories.

Terror Cell Planned Attacks on US Nationals in Kuwait
The Daily Star (Lebanon) reports that Kuwait has broken up an al Qaida-linked terrorist group that was planning to carry out attacks on American interests and the headquarters of Kuwaiti state security...02/01/05

More Details of Kuwait al-Qaeda Terror Cell Revealed
According to a report in the Gulf Daily News the brother of one of the al-Qaeda terrorists killed last month during raids by security forces confirmed their plans under questioning...02/05/05

Kuwait Blocking Islamic Websites
Despite their success in killing and capturing terror cell members, Kuwait is warning that violence may spread to other Gulf States. According to The Daily Star (Lebanon), Kuwait has started blocking Islamic websites that promote violence...02/07/05

Al-Qaeda Terrorists Wanted To Attack US Convoys in Kuwait
The Kuwaiti Times reports that the al-Qaeda terrorist cell in Kuwait that was virtually destroyed in pitched battles with Kuwaiti police in January, planned to attack American military convoys traveling to Iraq...02/08/05

Accused Al-Qaeda Terrorist Dies in Kuwaiti Custody
The alleged leader of a Kuwaiti al-Qaeda terror cell captured in raids last month has died while in Kuwaiti custody...02/09/05

Update: Thanks to Publius Pundit for helping to spread the word.