Thursday, October 20, 2005

Leading By (Bad) Example: Fake NYT "News Story" Has Libs All Atwitter

An Op-Ed by Thomas Friedman published yesterday in the New York Times entitled "Leading By (Bad) Example" has liberal websites all agog about the "delegation of Iraqi judges and journalists" who left the US, disgusted with American hypocrisy. Apparently, though, the story is a fake, a fact exacerbated by Freidman's editorial being inaccessible online without purchasing premium access from the NYT.

The blog fbihop posts the editorial in its entirety, including this last line: "(Yes, all of this is a fake news story. I just wish that it weren't so true.)", which seems to have escaped the notice of most liberal bloggers gleefully citing this latest attempt by the tattered Gray Lady to recapture some relevance.

The NYT should leave this sort of thing to The Onion, especially if they're going to make the story unavailable on the web.