Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sensing Trouble, a Few Dems Scold Kerry

Finally realizing that you can't polish a turd, Dems are starting to scuttle away from the Kerry debacle.

From the Associated Press:
"Whatever the intent, Senator Kerry was wrong to say what he said," said Democratic Rep. Harold Ford Jr., running for Senate in Tennessee.

"Sen. Kerry's remarks were poorly worded and just plain stupid," said Montana Senate President Jon Tester, a Democrat trying to unseat GOP Sen. Conrad Burns. "He owes our troops and their families an apology."

"I'm sorry he did what he did. But I think the issue ... we want to make sure it doesn't confuse the subject of the war in Iraq," Democratic Rep. Ben Cardin, running for Senate in Maryland, said on CNN.
Right Mr. Cardin, Democrats would never lie about Iraq, undercut our troops, or encourage the terrorist insurgency, now, would they?

Pelosi*cough*Reid*hack*five years without a major terrorist attack on American soil because our troops are kicking the shit out of the terrorists in Iraq instead of having them attack Manhattan*cough...cough*