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If You Didn't Have Bathrooms Back in the Day

Where did gay people have sex?
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Hizballah Indiscriminately Attacked Civilians

That's the opinion of a new Human Rights Watch report on Hizballah's actions during the 2006 conflict that Iran's proxy started against Israel. Rather than address the accusations with facts as Israel did, Hizballah asked supporters to stop the news conference. Human Rights Watch, fearing a terrorist attack against the hotel where the announcement of the report as scheduled to take place, cancelled the press conference.
Via WAPO: BEIRUT, Aug. 29 -- An international human rights group has concluded that Lebanon's Hezbollah movement indiscriminately attacked civilians during its conflict with Israel last summer, a finding that prompted denunciations from both the Lebanese government and Hezbollah.

In that climate, New York-based Human Rights Watch canceled a news conference it had planned to hold Thursday in Beirut to release the report, and its officials said they were being unfairly silenced.

The 126-page report found that "as a party of an armed conflict governed by international humanitarian law," Hezbollah had "violated fundamental prohibitions against deliberate and indiscriminate attacks against civilians."
The full report on Hizballah's war crimes is located here at the Human Rights Watch website. Human Rights Watch has released this statement concerning the cancellation of the press conference.
(Beirut, August 29, 2007) – Human Rights Watch today canceled a news conference planned for Thursday, August 30, 2007 in Beirut, citing reports by Hezbollah-controlled media about planned demonstrations to prevent the scheduled event at the Crowne Plaza hotel, and the hotel’s decision to disallow the news conference.

Human Rights Watch had called the news conference to release “Civilians Under Assault: Hezbollah's Rocket Attacks on Israel in the 2006 War,” a new 128-page report criticizing Hezbollah for its conduct during the 2006 war with Israel, in particular Hezbollah’s practice of deliberately and indiscriminately firing rockets toward Israeli civilian areas.

“Hezbollah is trying to silence criticism of its conduct during the 2006 war,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, director of Human Rights Watch’s Middle East and North Africa division. “But the fairness and accuracy of our reporting will speak for themselves, whether we hold a press conference or not.”
Two questions for Human Rights Watch. First, What took you so long, your report criticizing Israel was released months and months ago? And two, Why did you wuss out now? Could it be because you were reporting on terrorists who might kill you for your criticism?

Original Hizballah Indiscriminately Attacked Civilians post here at The Jawa Report

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Video: Concerned citizens, Coalition Forces Destroy Weapons Cache, Insurgent Safe House

B-roll of Coalition Forces destroying a weapons cache and an insurgent safe house. Scenes include an aerial shot of a building being blown up.

ISKANDARIYAH, Iraq — With help from the concerned citizens of Jurf as Sakhr, Iraqi and Coalition Forces identified and destroyed an enemy fighting position and safehouse Aug. 25 as part of Operation Gecko.

Paratroopers from 1st Battalion, 501st Airborne, 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division acted on a lead from a concerned citizen on a known enemy fighting position suspected of containing a mortar tube with ammunition.

Once the location was identified, OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopters engaged the location with one missile, rendering the position useless to the enemy, and the Paratroopers of 1-501st Abn. destroyed the remains of the bunker.

Continuing to follow the lead of the concerned citizens, Paratroopers were then taken to an al-Qaeda safehouse where five armed terrorists were hiding. The location was marked and destroyed with a 1,000-pound bomb, killing the five al-Qaeda militants.

Operation Gecko is systematically cleaning up the area, removing deadly roadside bombs and capturing or killing the terrorists and militiamen responsible for the violence and chaos that had blanketed the region.

Source: MNF-Iraq and DVIDS.

Great job concerned citizens of Iraq for helping to wax 5 al-Qaeda scumbags!

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Iran Canes Man for Having Sex, Drinking

The Jawa Report is banned in Iran for reporting on things like public lashings and the hanging of 16 year old girls for crimes such as making love, or fighting back against your rapist. Heh, the moderate Muslim State of Iran, looks like a repressive dictatorship to me.Via The Daily Mail:
His face covered by a balaclava, an official brandishing a cane repeatedly lashes the back of a man found guilty of breaking Iran's morality laws.

Two police officers hold the legs of 25-year-old Saeed Ghanbari and another his arms to ensure there is no escape from the punishment of 80 lashes handed down by a religious court.

Traffic was brought to a halt in Qazvin, 90 miles west of the capital Tehran, as more than 1,000 men gathered behind barricades to watch the public flogging...

...One police officer held his hands together beneath the bench, two others gripped his legs to ensure there was little movement.

Two police officers stood-by, their faces covered with balaclavas - each to administer 40 lashes.

Both men then lashed Ghanbari, taking the cane back behind their heads to guarantee maximum impact, each stroke leaving a distinctive red mark and bruising on his back.

Several wounds began to bleed.

It was unclear exactly what his offence had been as the country's strict morality laws cover many areas, but it was reported he had been convicted of abusing alcohol and having sex outside of marriage.
Somehow I fail to find much about Sharia law that is in any way moderate. But there is resistance amongst the people of Iran against the hard line religious regime. See this video for example.
Video hat tip to Gerald. If you are like me, you probably had a bit of trouble understanding what was said in the video. Garduneh Mehr has graciously provided us with these links about Iran shelling and massing troops on the border with Iraqi Kurdistan and also a full translation of the video above as well.

Here's a bit of background needed to understand the context of poem.
The poem is by a great Iranian philosopher named "Hafez" who from childhood had been raised to be a Muslim scholar. However, as he matured and investigated Islam, he grew increasing disgusted with it and rather than promoting Islam he started encouraging the Iranian people to relearn our ancient pre-Islamic faith of Zoroaster. Needless to say this raised the ire of the Islamist who subjected him to decades of torment and exile. Despite this Hafez continued his subtly anti-Islam and pro-Iran message to the end of his life.
"Glad tidings that the days of sorrow will pass."
"All things pass and this [day of sorrow] too will yet pass."
"The song of the Court of Jamshid [a mythical king] it is said was this: Fetch the King a chalice of wine for the King too will pass."
"Upon the tablet of wisdom it is engraved that all but the goodness of the righteous will pass."
"You who are proud of your present might, your wealth and might too will pass."
"[Heavenly] inspiration reassures me that the suffering of the meek and the iniquity of the tyrant too will pass."
"I may have endured humiliation at the hands of my enemy; yet my enemy will taste greater humiliation."
"Where the tyrant puts the innocent to the sword, no one's dignity is safe."
"Be reassured fragile butterfly that your anguish will not last the night."
"... Be reassured Hafez that every vesitge of tyranny too shall yet pass."
I guess the guy above should count himself lucky he was not a woman accused of adultry.
For helping us out so much, I hereby issue an official Jawa Report Fatwa against Garduneh. Unlike the Mullahs of Iran, we won't be issuing and lashes with that. Did I mention The Jawa Report is banned in Iran?

PS. I also owe Cube Neighbor Dave a Hat Tip for the Iranian lashing story and Image, via no linky Drudge.

Original Iran Canes Man for Having Sex, Drinking post here at The Jawa Report.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Video: 3rd HBCT Coordinates Air Support, Kills Five Insurgents

B-roll of coalition forces engaging seven insurgents staging an attack on a combat outpost in southeastern Baghdad. Scenes include gun-tape footage of an AH-64 Apache engaging the insurgents and their machine gun mounted on a truck with a 30mm gun and two Hellfire missiles.

See more terrorist pwned here.

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Sunday Funny

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Reap The Whirlwind Reprise

Missing all that Dread Pundit Bluto Goodness? Me too.

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Shithead Can Keep His Headstone

It's not often that Uniontown, Kentucky is mentioned on morning drive radio programs across the United States, but the fate of a departed dog and it's final resting place have sparked national interest in a debate going on in the town of just over 1000.

Eight years ago, Judy Hagan buried her dog in a plot she purchased from the city, at the center of the Uniontown City Cemetery. The plot sits beneath a flag pole put up to honor veterans.

Hagan and the city didn't hear any complaints about the dog's final resting place until about two weeks ago, when Judy took some extra cash and invested it in a headstone for the dog. That's when things became very contentious in the small town.

The reason for the controversy: the dog's name. It's first name was a vulgar term for bodily waste. It's last name was Head. That name is inscribed on the headstone.
Hat Tip: Jason.

Video here. Behold the inspiration for the dog's name.

Hamas Provides al-Qaeda Safe Haven in Gaza

Hamas says it does not support al-Qaeda. Kinda true, lately the case seems to be more of al-Qaeda supporting Hamas. Birds of a feather.....
Via JCPA: # The declared policy of Hamas to provide sanctuary to any jihadi fighter invites additional terrorist groups associated with al-Qaeda to plant themselves in the Gaza Strip.

# According to Dr. Zakaria Zain al-Din, chairman of Hamas' largest charity organization, the extremist views of al-Qaeda are spreading among the senior leadership of Hamas. Expressions of this were evident in the adoption of the radical world view of al-Qaeda that accuses other Muslims of being "infidels" and permits their being killed. Radical religious rulings permitted the killing of Fatah operatives.

# Abu Ashur, the right-hand man of Jaish al-Islam (Army of Islam) leader Mumtaz Durmush, confessed that their organization received funds and instructions from al-Qaeda outside of the Gaza Strip. Jaish al-Islam was responsible for the kidnapping of BBC journalist Alan Johnston in March 2007. Leading the cell that abducted Johnston was Khattab al-Maqdasi, a Palestinian who in the past had fought alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Hat Tip Aaron.

Right on cue, Hamas starts treating the Palestinians in the same manner al-Qaeda treats the Iraqis.
Via The Corner:It was less than two months ago, after the violent takeover of Gaza, that Hamas spokesmen took to the op-ed pages of American newspapers to proclaim that despite all the suicide bombings and summary executions, Hamas intends to create a good-government, pragmatic Islamic state in Gaza....

...None of this, of course, has happened, and the news that has been trickling out of Gaza over the past few days portends an even bigger horrorshow.
What splendid duplicity.

Coalition Soldiers Rescue 2-year-old Iraqi Boy From Well

CAMP TAJI, Iraq – Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldiers rescued a 2-year-old Iraqi boy from a dry well in which he fell Aug. 9.

Soldiers with Company B, 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division responded to the pleas for assistance from the father of a 2-year-old boy who had fallen into a dry well near the family’s residence.

The company commander, Capt. David Powell of Newport Beach, Calif., was about to begin a scheduled security patrol when the boy’s father approached the gate of his Coalition outpost on foot. Using an interpreter, Powell quickly assessed the situation and sent the patrol to assist with the recovery of the child.

The father directed the Soldiers to the location of the well and Powell used his flashlight to find the child at the bottom.

“I could see that the baby had fallen some 25 feet and was lying at the bottom of the well,” Powell said. “He appeared to be breathing, but would not answer to our calls.”

Using a back hoe from the outpost, the patrol began a slow and meticulous process of digging a parallel shaft to the dry well, then tunneling to the well horizontally, being careful not to cause the well to cave in.

“The back hoe made quick work of the rescue shaft just to the south of the well. Then the real digging began,” said Powell.

Because of the instability of soil, a fear of a cave-in and desire to not risk any of his Soldiers, Powell selected himself and Staff Sgt. Raul Torres, a native of San Venito, Texas, to dig the horizontal shaft to the well.

Using an entrenching tool, a flat-head screwdriver, rebar and other primitive farming tools, Powell and Torres went to work.

After several hours of digging, a faint crying was heard from the boy.

“He sounded scared, but OK,” said Powell. “I don't think I have ever heard a more beautiful sound.”

After five hours of digging the horizontal shaft reached the well. The well was basin shaped at the bottom, making the boy very difficult to locate. After several attempts to reach for the boy, Powell was able to pull the boy to safety.

Coalition medics on the scene quickly assessed the boy, finding no serious injuries. The child was then returned to his mother and father, who were thankful for the assistance. The patrol then filled in the hole they dug, and returned to their outpost.

The following day, Powell visited the family’s residence with a medic to ensure the child was not having any medical issues from the fall. The medic determined the child was in perfect health.

“In my 18-years in the Army,” Powell said, “this is, by far, the greatest thing I have ever done.”

Source: MNF-Iraq.

Update: DVIDS has a pics of the well and of Captain Powell and the boy here.

Hat Tip: Chuck.

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Headin' out to the beach for a week. Howie, Vinnie, Mike, and Ragnar will keep you plugged in.

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Wages of Terrorism: Hellfire

They blowed up real good.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lesbians Want Change in Definition of Family

(Des Moines, Iowa) Two lesbians, M and Sandra Patton-Imani, filed a complaint with the Des Moines Human Rights Commission after their family membership with the YMCA was revoked on the basis that they were not considered to be a family. The YMCA did, however, offer the lesbians a "member plus" program with comparable benefits at the same price.

Nevertheless, the lesbians were unsatisfied.
"Changing the definition was the most important thing to us," Sandi Patton-Imani said.
Consequently, they were able to get the city of Des Moines to force the YMCA to change its definition of family under threat of the loss of $102,000 in funding.
The couple said Monday they will sign an agreement with the YMCA that changes the nonprofit organization's definition of family from a heterosexual couple to include cohabiting adults.
Upon seeing the agreement, however, the lesbians balked. The couple refused to sign the agreement since it contained a confidentiality clause and failed to meet their demands for $5,000 to establish two legal aid funds to handle legal issues related to gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual families; and a free lifetime family membership. It seems the lesbians want considerably more than a welcome at the Y.

The Des Moines Human Rights Commission must now decide whether further action is required. In the meantime, the lesbians are contemplating a lawsuit against the Des Moines Human Rights Commission since their demands were not included in the agreement.

In other news, as yet there has been no confirmation of the rumor that herdsman Rufus and his cohabiting sheep Trixie are seeking to have their relationship defined as a family also.

Firemen Forced to Flaunt Selves For Foul-Mouthed Flaming Fudgepackers

San Diego firefighters were ordered, over their objections, to march in the city's "Gay Pride" parade:
San Diego's openly lesbian fire chief said Tuesday she has apologized to four firefighters who claimed they were ordered to participate in the city's "Gay Pride" Parade and subjected to harassment along the parade route. She also announced an internal investigation into the allegations. As Cybercast News Service previously reported, a Christian legal organization on Monday announced plans to sue the city on behalf of the four firefighters who said they were subjected to "vile sexual taunts from homosexuals lining the parade route" during the city's annual Pride Parade. The firefighters said they were ordered to participate in the parade against their wishes. The firemen have filed "right-to-sue" requests with the city, an administrative procedure that waives their right to pursue an internal investigation of their complaints.
Could Muslim firefighters be forced to march in the annual "Festival of Pork" parade in downtown Hogsnuffle, Iowa?

Are there any homosexuals who want to be taken seriously? If so, here's a clue: disassociate yourselves from the clowns in the assless chaps.

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Bad News For Democrats

There is a growing perception among the public that the Iraq troops surge is working:
USA TODAY's Susan Page reports that President Bush is making some headway in arguing that the increase in U.S. troops in Iraq is showing military progress.
While the President has demonstrated that, unlike his predecessor, public opinion polls don't enter into his decisions, the Democratic Party, heavily invested in a humiliating defeat for American forces, much prefers the public to perceive that US soldiers are losing. This story is part of a minor trend within the MSM, including a Brookings Institution Op-Ed in the NYT that paints the Iraqi theater of the War on Terror as winnable.

Note to regular readers: I'm forced to limit my computer time per doctor's orders while blood cells clear out of my right eye, evidently a legacy of too many kicks to the head during Tae Kwon Do tournaments. Sorry for the limited number of posts lately.

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Sean Penn And Hugo Chavez: True Love

This is the beauty of freedom of speech: it allows Hollywood types like Sean Penn to reveal publicly just how very stupid they are:
CARACAS, Venezuela - Sean Penn applauded President Hugo Chavez as the Venezuelan leader lambasted the Bush administration and demanded an end to war in Iraq.

Chavez met privately with the 46-year-old actor for two hours Thursday, praising him as being "brave" for urging Americans to impeach President Bush.

"In the name of the peoples of the world, President Bush, withdraw the troops from Iraq. Enough already with so much genocide," Chavez said before an auditorium packed with his red-clad supporters.
Below: actor Sean Penn listens to an address by Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Terrorist HQ Blows Up Real Good

A captured terrorist insurgent couldn't wait to rat out his buddies, giving US troops the location of his headquarters. The building was searched, then destroyed.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sir Elton Enters His Dotage

The Rocketman goes senile:
He [Elton] claims it [the internet] is destroying good music, saying: “The internet has stopped people from going out and being with each other, creating stuff.

“Instead they sit at home and make their own records, which is sometimes OK but it doesn’t bode well for long-term artistic vision.

“It’s just a means to an end.

“We’re talking about things that are going to change the world and change the way people listen to music and that’s not going to happen with people blogging on the internet.

“I mean, get out there — communicate.

“Hopefully the next movement in music will tear down the internet.

“Let’s get out in the streets and march and protest instead of sitting at home and blogging.

“I do think it would be an incredible experiment to shut down the whole internet for five years and see what sort of art is produced over that span.
Is it really possible for someone to become so self-absorbed that they come to believe their own endeavors are the be-all and end-all of existence? Apparently so.

Elton...shut up and sing. Leave the thinking to those still capable of following a premise to its logical conclusion.

Pakistan: Obama is Ignorant

I'd just like to thank Pakistan for this...
Via Yahoo News: ISLAMABAD (AFP) - Pakistan accused Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama of "sheer ignorance" for threatening to launch US military strikes against Al-Qaeda on Pakistani soil.

Obama warned Wednesday that if he is elected president, he would order US forces to hit extremist targets on Pakistan's frontier with Afghanistan if embattled military ruler President Pervez Musharraf failed to act.

"Such statements are being made out of sheer ignorance," Pakistan's Minister of State for Information, Tariq Azeem, told AFP. "They are not fully apprised about the ground realities and not aware of the efforts by Pakistan."
I agree. What Obama said was almost, but not quite, as stupid as Pakistan's so called 2006 peace agreement with tribal militants the Taliban.

In the 2006 agreement, tribal leaders Taliban terrorists agreed to a peace deal with Pakistan a bunch of suckers. In the agreement the Taliban agreed to police themselves if Pakistan would just withdraw its troops from the area. Shortly afterward the al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists began using the area as a safe haven to launch attacks on Afghanistan and to resume kidnappings and murders.

So who's the more Ignorant? The Obama or Pakistan? I dunno, close call.