Saturday, March 26, 2005

Near "Great Escape" at Camp Bucca Wasn't So Near After All

Contrary to reports in the mainstream media, my contact at Camp Bucca in Iraq informs me that a prisoner escape was not imminent. The greatest reported tunnel length was 600 feet, which might have allowed prisoners to get out of the prison compound itself, but would still have left them in the middle of the main camp with no way to get past security. Here's what my source had to say:

There is no way that prisoners could dig far enough underground to get outside of the camp. For one thing, they cannot see outside the immediate berm surrounding them to tell the distance required to dig. Undisclosed distance to former berm plus 500 meters out to new. Good luck digging. It would take years and by then the Iraqi government should have taken over and good luck to those that are still living inside this prison. Guard towers are located on the outer berm, armed with machine guns, and roving patrols are out, also armed with machine guns. About the fog question: does infra-red see through fog? Answer "yes". Do seismic sensors pick up foot steps? Answer: "yes". Again good luck. No way out. That is all for now.
Reports of an imminent escape appear to have come from a quote attributed to one officer who speculated that prisoners were waiting for fog to make their escape. As my source noted, fog doesn't provide concealment from infrared or seismic sensors. Camp Bucca is near Umm Qasr in southern Iraq and straddles the border with Kuwait.